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Orchards in Napa Valley, CA

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Yountville, California Real Estate, Land, History and General Information

Although just a mile in length, the Town of Yountville offers a selection of diverse and breathtaking surrounds. Panoramic vineyard views, Italian flowing waterways, manicured French gardens and American country porches are Yountville’s backdrops for the perfect Napa Valley escape.

Yountville California Real Estate and HistoryIn 1835, George Calvert Yount could have settled anywhere in the Napa Valley. He chose a small area in the heart of the Valley, known today as Yountville.

Surrounded by lush rolling foothills and picturesque vineyard views, Yountville is a walking town, rich with history and character. It was here in Yountville over 150 years ago that George Yount planted the first grapevine in the Napa Valley, giving birth to this internationally famous wine-producing region.



Finding Homes for Sale, Property or Land for Sale in Napa County

Napa County and the SF North Bay is a very competitive real estate market. Finding a home for sale or property, a mortgage or home loan that fits your budget and fits your lifestyle can be a difficult job. We are prepared to make it very easy and assist your search for real estate and the best current mortgage rates for any county and city in Napa County or Northern California.

California Relocation has professional real estate services and we are ready to find homes for sale in Napa County or anywhere in Northern California. Deal directly with us if you want to either sell your house and land, or if you are looking to buy a house or land anywhere in Napa County or Northern California. List with one of our experienced real estate agents, because the whole process is fast & easy with California Relocation.

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Vineyards in Napa Valley, California

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